Welcome to our Horeca assortment

We create mutual business success together with our partners, leading to a commendable number of strong brands, both at Systembolaget as well as in the Horeca. Horeca is a syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel/Restaurant/Café and is used to describe the food service sector in Scandinavia, Benelux and France. Hermansson & Co cooperates with all the leading wholesalers and is “preferred supplier” to several of our partners.

Our selection of beverages aimed towards the Horeca is tested in close cooperation with our producers to provide products that in taste, quality and price are suitable for the Swedish market. Our restaurant selection includes great value for money wines- and spirits, offered by award-winning producers from all corners of the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, California, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.

Interested in finding out more about our restaurant selection? Contact:

Fredrik Norell
Regional Sales Manager South
Mob: +46 (0)72 508 02 52

Leo Hansson
Regional Sales Manager Stockholm
Mob: +4670 299 86 87